We are an ambulant hairdressing school: we go to your salon to train your hairdressers on how to successfully maintain curly hair and expertly execute different hairstyles. The training is spread out over six classes of which each class will be six hours long.

Specific classes can be added and/or modified according to your needs. You can also take classes either individually or in a package, in french, english or spanish. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and to know our rates.

People with curly hair are often tempted to choose permanent hair relaxers to manage their mane. However, these relaxers are chemical and can cause severe burns to the clients and, moreover can cause irreversible damage to the clients’ hair.
We offer a very effective alternative to customers with blowdry and silkpress, which can temporarily straighten hair and give your clients’ hair the flexibility and shine it deserves. It is noteworthy that this service is highly requested by clients with curly hair.

Hairdressing classes for curly hair

Clients with curly hair often neglect to have a regular haircut. Regular haircuts are however an essential factor in maintaining healthy hair. In addition, curly hair requires a suitable cutting technique that is adapted to this specific hairstyle. With this class, hairdressers learn haircutting techniques that suit different types of curl and the unique needs of the clients.

Hairdressing classes for curly hair

The twist out is increasingly popular because it is an efficient and easy way to style curly hair in a fashion that will last for about a week. This style is ideal to provide definition and flexibility to frizzy hair, as well as hydrating the hair. The twist out gives comfort and movement to frizzy hair.

Hairdressing classes for curly hair

Moisturizing treatments are essential to maintain healthy curly hair since curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair which could lead to dandruff as well as the accumulation of product deposits. To avoid these typical symptoms of curly hair, it is important to receive adequate scrub treatments and to deeply hydrate and exfoliate the hair. Several types of natural treatments are available and must be carefully selected according to the clients’ hair type. A class specifically dedicated to these essential matters in hair health is offered.


Curly hair is much more porous than straight hair. It is therefore essential to adjust the coloration according to the unique hair type, especially by ensuring the use of adequate peroxide levels and adequate timings.

Hairdressing classes for curly hair

Our curly hair clients are often dissatisfied with the updo and hair buns that were executed by other hairdressers. Their dissatisfactions are mostly about the lack of finishing, the lack of firmness and the re-occurrence of frizzy hair due to the use of bad products and techniques. There are very quick and easy ways that can create wonderful and durable updo.

Crédit photo : Cindy Boyce


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