To offer a quality training focusing on the care and maintenance of curly hair

The classes and services we offer are based on a simple premise: curly hair has a great potential for a variety of beautiful hairstyles. However, people who have curly hair often do not possess the required resources and expertise for their hair and therefore do not exploit its full potential. With our specific classes, we teach hairdressers all the possibilities and potential that curly hair can offer and subsequently teach them how curly hair is kept healthy. Our training therefore focuses on two fundamental aspects; namely care of curly hair and the different hairstyles with natural and non-aggressive methods.

Nancy Falaise has more than 18 years of hairdressing experience in New York and Montreal and she specializes in the care and maintenance of curly hair.

Until very recently, she was the co-owner of Nana et les girls, a salon in the Plateau Mont-Royal, which has established itself as a benchmark in Quebec for curly hair.

She occasionally appears as a speaker in conferences and workshops so that clients as well as hairdressers can learn how to daily manage curly hair of all types, from wavy to frizzy.


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