Since 2017, Nancy and her team have been welcoming and accompanying all women and men with curly, coily and wavy hair in a warm and welcoming space offering haircuts, styling and coloring that respect every hair type.
Nancy's mission:
To offer to all people with textured hair (from curly to coily to wavy), services, training, advice and products that enhance natural beauty to its full potential. Nancy Falaise is a hair salon, an academy, and a line of hair products, but most importantly Nancy is a woman who has been working for curly and wavy hair from North America to Europe for almost 25 years. Indeed, after recovering from breast cancer, Nancy rediscovered her curls after losing them as a result of treatment. It is through accepting them and learning to love them naturally that her life mission took shape.


Surprisingly enough, Quebec hairstyling schools do not include cutting and styling textured hair as part of their core curriculum. This is why Nancy offers specialized training to professionals to fill this gap noted by both clients and professionals. To learn more about the academic program, click below

Our petition

As surprising as it may seem, hairdressing schools in Quebec do not include cutting and styling textured hair in their basic curriculum. This is why Nancy offers specialized training to professionals to make up for this lack noted by clients and professionals alike. To learn more about the academy. A petition has been launched for the Ministry of Education to include 3C to 4C curly hair education in Quebec beauty schools. To sign it, click here ↓
Include 3C to 4C curl pattern education to Quebec beauty schools

Tropical Glow Line

The Tropical Glow line is the most hydrating with its avocado and castor oils. It is recommended for a hair 3C and more, colored and / or very dehydrated.

Be careful, it should be avoided in fine hair.


of our products

Natural products, made in Canada, responding to hair types ranging from curly to frizzy and at every stage of life, this is the challenge taken on by our various lines of hair products. It is therefore important to choose the right product, according to your needs and your hair type.

Pure and Fresh Green Line

The invigorating ingredients cleanse, hydrate and deeply awaken the scalp, leaving a feeling of freshness and lightness. This line is recommended for people who have dandruff or a dry, itchy scalp.

Originale Blue Line

Calming essential oils will not only calm the scalp, but also the mind. They have been carefully selected and will help to hydrate, relax and gently cleanse the scalp while leaving a feeling of lightness and vitality.

Men's Grey Line

Hans Falaise is a line dedicated to men, it was also named in honor of Nancy's father.

Kids Purple Line

The Kids line is designed for children or people with sensitive scalps due to its softness, while facilitating disentangling and strengthening the hair.

Fortifying Orange Line

The orange line was created based on Nancy's personal experience

with breast cancer and chemotherapy. The

fortifying, unscented and natural ingredients help to strengthen

hair follicles.

Curling cream

Helps define curls and twist outs.


All the accessories to style and take care your hair!

Salon Académie Nancy Falaise

Plateau Location

428 Rue Gilford 
Montreal, QC 
H2J 1N2

Tuesday - 10h à 17h
Wednesday - 10h à 19h
Thursday à Friday - 10h à 20h
Saturday - 10h à 17h
Sunday - 12h à 17h 

*Schedules or services offered may vary depending on the period.
To make an appointment please contact us by phone: 438-501-2376

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Finally! A range of products adapted to my hair and that are completely natural. I can not live without it!

Mary Daoud

I've tried many salon products and none of them equal Nancy Falaise's products. It's not only a healthy soft way to treat and clean your hair but it helps to keep your hairs' natural glowing Glam. I recently tried the new dandruff and dry scalp product and obviously fell in love, after 2 shampoos i didn't see any more dandruff and my scalp felt a sense of relief

Maria Poggio

The Nancy Falaise line of mint products is unparalleled freshness. It allowed me to thoroughly wash my hair, without ever removing its natural moisture.

Stephania Cadet

Very nice decor, very nice and professional owner and hairdressers. My daughter is very happy and feels even prettier and this is very important for the esteem of a teenage girl.

Elvia Brouillette

The treatments and the quality of their products are very good. The results are visible. They have a very warm and welcoming customer service. I strongly invite you to go, you will not be disappointed

Michaelle Antoine

I went there for the first time during a workshop, where I learned a lot not only about my hair but also about my body.
I then went back there to cut my ends, and I really loved the result!
I recommend this salon to everyone!

Medjine A-b
​Thank you Nancy for the cut, my big chop was done super well. I am super satisfied. Nancy is very professional at gives the best advice. I recommend her 100% Thank you
Hawa Kome

I highly recommend this salon, the team is welcoming and knowledgeable, they were able to advise and help me in a time of hair disaster. The products are of high quality. I take pride in my hair as natural and have never looked so beautiful. thanks to all

Em Joly

Nancy taught myself and my coworkers over the weekend and all I can say is wow! She is so full of knowledge & is the most positive, inspiring & kind teacher. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn curly hair from her! Thank you so much Nancy!!

Desiree Agostinelli