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Find out more about Nancy

She holds a professional diploma in hairdressing obtained in 1998, Nancy Falaise has over 20 years of professional experience in Montreal, New York and Lausanne.

She is the owner of Salon Académie Nancy Falaise since June 2017, having previously owned, co-owned and been a hairdresser in various salons that have established themselves as references in the care of curly hair. Recognized as an expert in hair care, Nancy Falaise offers multiple conferences, courses and workshops for both clients and professional hairstylists to learn how to manage a variety of curly hair on a daily basis.

Faced with the strong demand and the absence of compulsory courses as part of the initial training, Ms. Falaise has developed a whole range of training and workshops for the maintenance of curly hair: blow-dry / silk press, cut, curl definition, exfoliators and moisturizers, colouring + highlighting techniques, as well as updos. She prepares, offers and supervises these courses and workshops, which are aimed at both future hairdressers, hairdressing professionals, and the general public.

Nancy Falaise's expertise is recognized well beyond the borders of Quebec: since September 2017, she has been a consultant in Switzerland for the Salon Tribus Urbaines, where she regularly visits to teach and train future hairdressers and hairdressers, as well as as to offer its hairdressing and curly hair care services to clients. She has also lectured at the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Afrodyssey in Switzerland. Her services are retained by international celebrities, who call on her when they are in Montreal.

Most recently, she worked as a writer and content expert for the public organization Soins Personnels Quebec, with the goal of developing a comprehensive training course aimed at equipping hairdressers with styling curly hair. She will also be helping to train DEP hairdressing teachers in the coming months.

Celebrating curly hair, one curl at a time: a mission to reconnect with your mane

After beating breast cancer in 2013, Nancy Falaise decided to focus her practice on caring for a clientele with curly hair, developing an approach to promoting natural hair.

Indeed, within the Afro-descendant community, there is a widespread tradition of chemical hair straightening. However, hair straightening products commonly used by black and mixed-race women have been shown to have harmful effects on hair health, in addition to being suspected of causing cancer, hair loss, growth of fibroids, damage to the fetus in pregnant women, in addition to acting as endocrine disruptors.

To encourage her customers to abandon chemical relaxers, Nancy Falaise has developed a range of treatments, hair products and workshops. Her goal is to encourage women to keep their natural curls and rediscover how to maintain, style and love them. To each of her clients, on social networks and in her conferences and workshops, she carries a strong message, which aims to help women of all ages to regain their hair and develop their self-esteem.